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Augmented Reallity GPS Compass Map 3D

The Augmented Reality 3D Compass with an integrated split-screen map of adjustable size!

Locating landmarks (e.g. via latitude / longitude) has never been easier thanks to agreen arrow on top that always points towards the currently selected landmark ! A unique fusion and filtering algorithm combining the values of the magnetic field sensor, the accelerometer, and the gyroscope yields a maximum in precision and stability of the compass.


  • 3D Augmented Reality display
  • High precision and stability
  • Integrated split-screen map of adjustable size
  • Display various GPS information (speed, altitude, number of satellites,...)
  • Measure the height of large objects (skyscrapers, trees, ...)
  • Measure magnetic field strength (metal detector)
  • Magnetic field strength warning (indicates magnetic influences)
  • Define, locate, and share landmarks
  • Supports LG’s Real3D technology for stereoscopic displays
  • Expert-calibration using deviation tables (Pro-version only)


Free Version
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Pro Version
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Main screen

(1) The compass. Always aligned with true north.
(2) A green arrow. Always points towards your currently selected landmark (see 10)
(3) Distance to the currently selected landmark (see 10) and the number of GPS satellites being used in the current GPS fix.
(4) Roll indicator (degrees)
(5) Pitch indicator (degrees)
(6) If this icon is visible, you might be close to a magnetic disturbance or there might be something wrong with your calibration, or both.
(7) Opens the main menu
(8) Drag this slider to adjust the ratio between the map and the camera view
(9) Your position on the map
(10) The currently selected landmark on the map
(11) Another landmark (inactive). You can select landmarks from the map or from the landmarks list (see below)
(12) Indicates geographic north on the map. Tap to toggle between rotating / tilting / fixed map orientation. (Pro-version only)
(13) Toggles averaging on or off. If on, your GPS position is averaged over the last 30 seconds.
(14) Center map on your current location or on the currently selected landmark.
(15) Toggle map mode: normal, relief, and satellite.
(16) Zoom in / out
(17) Navigate to / open currently selected landmark in the Google Maps App.

Landmarks list

The landmarks list lets you manage all your landmarks.

(1) The selected landmark. Tap to select / deselect
(2) Name of the landmark
(3) Latitude and longitude of the landmark
(4) Distance to the landmark (Pro-version only)
(5) Delete the landmark (You will be asked to confirm)
(6) Edit the landmark
(7) Create new landmark. You can also create landmarks by long-pressing anywhere on the map.
(8) More options... (see below)
(9) Close the landmarks list

The extra-menu provides some more actions for the selected landmark:

(1) Help (this one)
(2) Share the selected landmark
(3) Move the selected landmark by specifying a direction and distance
(4) Same as (3) but creates a copy

Landmark editing

(1) Give it a name, it's totally up to you!
(2) Latitude
(3) Longitude
Valid formats for latitude/longitude are:

[+-]DDD.DDDDD, or
[+-]DDD:MM.MMMMM, or
[+-]DDD:MM:SS.SSSSS, where

D indicates degrees,
M indicates minutes of arc (1 minute = 1/60th of a degree), and
S indicates seconds of arc (1 second = 1/60th of a minute)  

Moving a landmark

Move a selected landmark by a specified distance and bearing.

(1) The name of the landmark
(2) Bearing in degrees
(3) Distance in meters